Grilled Italian Meatballs

On one hand these are very simple to make and on the other hand, these add a whole layer of goodness to many dishes. Serve them simply as an appetizer, on a sandwich or as part of the Grill Tomato and Pepper Pasta dish. In any way, make these Grilled Italian Meatballs!

Ingredients – Grilled Italian Meatball

1 lb Ground pork, chicken, turkey or a mix that you like.
1 TB House of Q Gusto D’Italia Premium Seasoning


In a bowl, add 1 TB of Gusto D’Italia to each pound of ground meat. Traditionally pork would be used for an Italian sausage meat while this seasoning takes to both chicken and turkey very well.

Mixing Tips:

To help spread the seasoning equally throughout the mixture, keep the meat loose as you break it apart and spread the seasoning around. Keeping it loose helps with texture and the steps to come.

Once the seasoning is spread throughout the mixture, start to mix more “aggressively” breaking down some of the fibres. This step helps “glue” the meat together however making sure the seasoning is mixed throughout first. If you mix hard at the beginning, the meatballs tend to be tougher in texture and the risk of some parts seasoned and other parts not as much.

Once mixed, place the entire bowl in a refrigerator for an hour. This helps the seasoning spread throughout the meat.

Once ready to form the meatballs, have ready a plate or tray to place the meatballs. Wet your hands with water and using a ice cream scoop or a tablespoon, portion out a scoop. Roll it around in your palms to form a ball. The added water helps it not stick and also soften the texture on the outside of the ball. Finish up the rest of the meat mixture.

Prepare your grill for medium heat, direct grilling. Sear the meatballs rolling every few minutes to create a crust on all sides. If the meat sticks to the grate, WAIT! They are not ready to be turned. Let them caramelize and they will release from the grate. The meatballs are finished once they reach 165 F. Add these to the Grilled Tomato and Pepper Pasta as you finish the pasta – of so good!

Any of the House of Q BBQ Sauces are fantastic to have with these meatballs as an appetizer. Put the sauce in a side dish so meatballs can be dipped into it. Yum!

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