Our BBQ Story

It started by using Mom's stock pot...

…to simmer peeled apples, adding molasses, honey, spices and plenty of creativity and a lot tasting!  Then we decided to try it at our very first BBQ competition back in 2005.  It was a good decision to use that home-made Apple Butter BBQ Sauce, because…

"It just tastes so good!"

House of Q has consistently earned awards, and the accolades continue to pour in. BBQ Brian Misko, the master behind our sauces and spices and the House of Q Pitmaster, has amassed an impressive collection!

House of Q BBQ Sauces and Spices are proudly available in retailers across Canada, USA, and beyond, and our flavors are winning over grillers everywhere so they can…

"Grill Like a Champion!"

Wait, that looks new?

Ya, it was time for a refresh, a new look, a makeover…  whatever you call it, we look different!  It all started with a new logo and then we updated all of the product labels on the jars.  Check out the new look!

Is That a New Sauce??

Exciting News for 2024! Our fans demanded it, and we delivered. The spicier version is back and better than ever…

"Rock'n Red 2.0"
has arrived!

YES! "2.0" is Now Available!

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Award-Winning BBQ Sauces & Spices!

One of the most awarded BBQ sauce and rub companies in North America!

We set out to make the world’s best tasting BBQ.  That meant not only competing in Canada, our home country, and across the USA against the world’s best Pitmasters!  House of Q has accomplished that!

House of Q has award-winning products that have been selected as some of the best BBQ sauces and spices around! Each and every one of our sauces and rubs have been used by the House of Q competition cook team to win 200+ awards since 2005.

More Competition Awards!

Five Star BBQ Sauce

Barbecue Association
Awards of Excellence
-Tomato Mild Category-

2023 4th Place
2022 4th Place
2021 5th Place

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

Barbecue Association
Awards of Excellence
-Fruit Mild

2023 2nd Place
2022 5th Place

Royal Association
World Series of BBQ
-Specialty Category-

2023 6th Place

BBQ on the Bow
1st Place
, 2010

National BBQ Festival
2010 6th Place
2008 3rd Place
2007 10th Place

Competition Rib Rub

Barbecue Association
Awards of Excellence
-Pork Rub

2023 5th Place
2022 5th Place

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce

Royal Association
World Series of BBQ
-Mustard Category-

2012 2nd Place
2013 2nd Place
TWICE 2nd Place!!
2020 8th Place

National BBQ Association
2019 3rd Place

National BBQ Festival
2009 8th Place
2008 5th Place

We've trained at House of Q to be the best against world-class BBQ teams. 

That means House of Q creates, tests our flavors at BBQ competitions and then creates spices and sauces that we use in our award-winning competition kitchen.  That is the spirit behind our products!  

We Want You to "Grill Like a Champion!"

Then, we put all of that love and energy into bottles for back yard cooks to use at home!  

Product Reviews from Verified Customers

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Verified ownerVerified owner

This is one of my 2 favorites from House of Q, love how your BBQ sauces cover and stick to the meat. I ordered it and it arrived in a few days. I will definately be ordering again.

3 years ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I love all of the products that I received from House of Q. Everything I purchase I have never had an issue with. I especially love the Baby’s Got Dill.

4 years ago
Tiffany Lucas
Verified ownerVerified owner

I put this on everything

4 years ago
House of Q
331 reviews
independently verified
rating 4.86 / 5

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