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House of Q products are available in nearly 400 retail stores across Canada and online in the USA.

In CANADA: There’s probably a store close by!

We try our best to keep the map below current however from time to time, it can be slightly out of date (please forgive us, we’re trying our best!). By the same token, not all retailers bring all of our products to their store…. this makes us sad however with you asking for House of Q, that helps! Ask your favorite store to bring in our sauces and spices!

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In USA: Please visit our partner All Things BBQ to order your House of Q products.

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Enter your city in the search box AND then the distance around you (fill in BOTH fields!) and we will do our best to point out the closest store to you! (picture)

Is Your Store Listed?

We try hard to keep things up to date however with distributors involved, keeping busy doing things like cooking BBQ and travelling to events, we can miss some details on the maps. Let us know if we’re missing something by sending an email.

If you would like to become a store with our products, please let us know! We’d love to add you to our growing number of merchants: Store Inquiry.

Why Doesn't the Store Have Your Stuff!?

Ugh. We hear this from time to time and in short, it’s really comes down to the store.  They want to know what their customers want!  Keep asking the grocery manager, store manager, meat clerk and so on for House of Q.  We often joke that you can say “I’d buy a lot more things at your store if you had House of Q!”  That might work. 😉