The collection of spice blends for grillers and competitive BBQ-ers.

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    House Rub 300 label marketing

    House Rub BBQ Seasoning

    One of our biggest selling products! House Rub is a balanced rub that is equally sweet, salty and fragrant from the onion, garlic and secret spices.

    Available in 3 sizes!


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    Peppered Bovine V2

    Peppered Bovine Premium Seasonings

    Peppered Bovine is the first in the Premium Seasonings line and is an ideal spice to season steaks and pork chops. It delicately combines the spiciness of black pepper and cayenne with the unique flavour of premium grade, dehydrated red pepper all together bringing out the best natural flavour of beef and pork.

    Awesome as a steak spice!

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    Grandma's Garden v2

    Grandma’s Garden Mix Premium Seasonings

    So Tasty!!

    Grandma’s Garden Mix is the third in the Premium Seasoning line for House of Q.  Completely awesome as a spice mix for the perfect turkey or chicken burger – light and somewhat subtle, it just seems to do the trick to make it all taste great!

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    Gusto D'Italia v2

    Gusto D’Italia Mix Premium Seasonings

    Gusto D’Italia Mix is the second in the Premium Seasoning line for House of Q.  This is a go to seasoning for Pitmaster BBQ Brian for when he is making sausage or burgers!  If you like Italian sausage with a bit of spice, this is the seasoning for you!

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    Competition Rib Rub label marketing

    Competition Rib Rub

    Ribs have always been one of the strongest categories for House of Q at BBQ Competitions and this sweet and fragrant rub is one of the reasons judges love House of Q!  Outstanding as a BBQ rib rub.

    Available in Two Sizes!

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    double house rub

    House Rub Pack

    It’s our flagship spice at House of Q – the wonderfully tasty House Rub.  One jar sometime just isn’t enough so we decided to create a two-pack for those that smoke or grill and know that House Rub provides the flavor that your guests want!



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    double rib beef

    Competition Rub Pack

    A two-jar Competition Rub Pack of the new rubs from BBQ Brian and House of Q.  Two top-secret seasonings that have been used at competitions for years meanwhile winning many, many awards including first place ribs at the World Food Championships!

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    Competition Beef Rub label marketing

    Competition Beef Rub

    A smoked brisket needs a rub that can show up after hours of cooking and let you know that all it wants to do is make beef shine like it’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten!  That is House of Q’s Competition Beef Rub – a strong yet balanced rub that is perfect for beef, steak, roasts and more.

    Available in Two Sizes!

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    premium kit

    Premium BBQ Seasonings Kit

    This might be the ultimate kit for the grill fan!  This kit includes one jar each of our Premium Seasonings.  All at a great price!

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  • Babys Got Dill wo name

    BBQ Spice – Baby’s Got Dill

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    Spices a Plenty wo name

    BBQ Spice a Plenty Kit

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    A big kit of our top selling House Rub (2 jars!), a jar of Peppered Bovine, Grandma’s Garden and Gusto D’Italia all in one kit!  A total of 5 jars!

    Save $10.46 and order online today!

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