How to Choose Steak Cuts Video Global TV BC

BBQ Brian and Greg Ewart from House of Q visited Global TV BC Morning News recently and met up with Randene Neill. The topic that they crafted for the TV segment was about steaks…  not just cooking them and not just a recipe but more information…  on what cuts to cook for what doneness.

Steak fans seem to learn the terminology somehow to describe how they want their steak done but that may not necessarily be understood. The term ‘medium’ or ‘medium-rare’ mean different things and in turn not every cut of beef shines with different cooking doneness.

BBQ Brian and Greg Ewart shared their tips on how to prepare steaks using olive oil and Peppered Bovine Premium Seasoning and then cook three different steaks to different doneness.

steak cuts
Three different common steak cuts.

The sirloin steak was cooked to ‘well-done’ and more importantly to a temperature of 150-155 F. This is exactly how Steve Darling likes his steak done however he was away when we were at the studio. (Did ya know he’s a massive fan of House of Q Apple Butter BBQ Sauce?) The filet was cooked to medium or a temperature of 140-145 F and the final steak was a strip loin steak cooked to a perfect (great scott! seriously perfect!!) medium-rare at a temperature of 125 F.

If you want more steak tips and advice, please visit our link to the steak page that BBQ Brian created.

How to Choose Steak Cuts Video Global TV BC

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