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    Fireboard Spark

    Get Fired Up! Become a Better Cook!

    FireBoard® Spark is a highly accurate and fast instant-read thermometer, combined with a leave-in probe port for longer term temperature tracking.

    Pairing your Spark with the FireBoard Mobile App keeps your temperature data available remotely everywhere you go. WiFi, Bluetooth, and FireBoard Cloud Connected.

    FireBoard® Spark is:

    • Instant-Read Thermometer (folding probe)
    • Leave-In Temperature Probe (via cable thermocouple)
    • NFC Scanner to Fireboard Cloud
    • Remote FireBoard Device Monitoring With SyncModeTM
    • Built-in magnets on case, waterproof, long-use rechargeable battery
    • Integrates with a smart phone app

    SyncModeTM is a powerful mode to track other FireBoard devices using Spark as a display. This powerful feature uses the FireBoard Cloud to transform Spark into a beautiful countertop device, making all your FireBoard temperatures available at a glance.

    NOTE: Wired Competition Series Probes Sold Separately