CBC Interviews BBQ Brian – Safe Grilling and Stuffed Peppers with Margaret Gallagher

In late May, 2023 Margaret Gallagher who hosts the North by Northwest Show on CBC Radio interviewed BBQ Brian of House of Q.

Let’s Talk About Safe Grilling

The interview, which is quick-paced with many topics for BBQ enthusiasts and backyard cooks, starts off with some basic cooking information and moves along quickly. But it is also an easy listen! Maybe that’s a key lesson – read the BBQ tips or just simply listen to them! Either way, they’re still good to learn!

As the interview starts, Margaret asked Brian about tips for the new cook or someone who may have left their grill through the winter and spring and is just getting it going once again. The first tips surround safety and what to check and consider. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and checking a few thing as you get started can save you grief later.

It’s More Than For Just Steaks…

BBQ Brian then shares that cooks need to see that their investment in their grill is more than just to cook steaks and burgers… all aspects of your meal can be accomplished outdoors from appetizers to dessert. Brian explains that cooks need to see the potential and to try their favorites that they do in the kitchen on a stove or oven outside in their grill.

What’s Going On for Main Dishes?

Margaret then asked BBQ Brian about main dishes and what he has been cooking lately for proteins. Brian shared to take a little effort and plan out the cook so that ingredients are available and ready. At the same time is to incorporate all the bounty of the season with more and more fresh items coming available as the gardens grow. Use a recipe as a starting point and adapt it to however you see fit – right after you come home from the market!

BBQ Brian then elaborated on some of the BC Beef that he has been cooking lately that has been wonderful and very flavourful along with a favorite technique of using planks for fish.

Side Dishes Like Stuffed Peppers

The conversation moved along to add comments about sauces and when to use what kind of sauce. He elaborates on the difference between vinegar-based sauces and those that are sugar-based ones. They are used differently when you are cooking. Margaret then prompted him to share some tips on grilling vegetables where he elaborated on crafting a grilled coleslaw. This is so delicious and we hope you make it! Then, Brian talked about Stuffed Peppers which was going to be the evenings meal which can be a completely grilled menu item that is a vegetarian dish.

At this point in the interview, even though there was already a boatload of tips and experience shared, the conversation continued with more…

The last two tips in the conversation focussed on using your grill correctly for many items that you want to cook. The first shared the idea of having a “cold” zone and a “hot” zone so that you can control the temperature of what you cook. This technique of direct and indirect cooking is very useful for chicken, steaks and of course the dessert and side dishes mentioned in the interview.

Wrapping up all the good advice was a common tip for grill cooks… and that is to use a thermometer. It’s such an easy tool to help you cook anything. Brian offered the idea that if you aren’t using a thermometer when cooking it would be similar to driving without a speedometer. Using a thermometer can easily change as an example, dry, overcooked and unappealing chicken to a dish that is rich, juicy and delicious!

Listen to The Interview from CBC

Listen to entire interview with Margaret Gallagher from North by Northwest show on CBC Radio by clicking on the link to her page.

Recipes Mentioned in this Interview Include:

Grilled Chile Rellenos – Stuffed Peppers with Chicken

Tangy Coleslaw Dressing (from the El Pollo Coco Loco Chicken Taco’s)

The Perfect Steak: A Grilling Journey

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