Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce is a Consistent Winner

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce is a Consistent Winner

AOE_Logo_Badge_2019At the National BBQ Association annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri held this past April there was the Awards of Excellence.  This association recognizes different categories of BBQ spices, sauces and products and awards prizes for top entries.  Contestants submit from many different countries and includes a number of categories.  The winner are some of the top products available to consumers and BBQ fans.

Another Award for Canadian Based BBQ Sauce Company House of Q!

SSG-P-jpgAt the conference, House of Q’s Slow Smoke Gold was entered in the mustard BBQ sauce category and was awarded 3rd place!

BBQ Brian of House of Q says “this is an excellent award and I am really proud to craft this tasty sauce!”

But this isn’t the only award for Slow Smoke Gold.  This tangy and bright tasting mustard sauce has a record of winning awards.  The sauce has two, second place awards from the American Royal World Series of BBQ.  Yes, twice.  These three awards show how Slow Smoke Gold is a consistent winner.  This mustard sauce wins judges taste buds.  At the same time it also allows BBQ fans a taste from a competition Pitmaster.

BBQ Brian says “being a Canadian making a southern US-based style of BBQ sauce is very rewarding especially knowing how many times this sauce wins awards.”

House of Q has four different BBQ sauces and four spices available in 300 stores in Canada. In the USA it is available in select US retailers.  All Things BBQ in Wichita, Kansas has all of their products in store and online.

To order online in Canada: click here

To order online in USA: click here

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