The Big Enchilada! Cooking With Washboard Union

BBQ Brian Cooks BBQ Tips for Global TV BC With Special Guests

There’s so many things happening all at the same time for this weeks BBQ Tip on Global TV BC Morning News… and it all starts with the 15th year for BBQ Brian providing a BBQ recipe and cooking tips on the Morning News. Starting in 2007 with Steve Darling and Lynn Collier the tips have continued to evolve with technology, viewers interests and of course the on-air personalities over the years.

This week, BBQ Brian was joined with anchor Sophie Lui who hosted the Morning News about five years ago before moving to the Evening News. These two had filmed many BBQ Tips together and this week a brief yet appropriate reunion. BBQ Brian says he was really happy to have the chance to share a BBQ Tip with Sophie once again. “It’s nice to have a familiar face to join you once again!”

The second special guest for the BBQ Tip was being joined on-camera with the Washboard Union. This musical group has been touring coast to coast and even overseas before being grounded during the pandemic. The trio has won numerous awards including five-time winner of the Roots Group of the Year, three-time winner of Group of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association and even a Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year. Phew! These guys put on a show!

See below for BBQ Brian and Corinne’s favorite Washboard Union songs!

Washboard Union cooking august 2021

Leading up to this weeks BBQ Tip, BBQ Brian was in touch with Chris Duncombe from the band and he recently received a BBQ smoker. Chris started asking Brian for a few tips cooking this, that and the other… and Brian asked if they wanted to join him for a BBQ Tip on Global TV. Chris jumped in and said “sure!”. Chris was the weekly host on the Morning News for a few years providing what’s new in the music industry before touring with Washboard Union.

The recipe for this weeks BBQ Tip is one that shows the simplicity from Pitmaster BBQ Brian and his ability to take simple ingredients and make a tasty dish. The use of multiple grilled items and breaking them down into easy to grasp steps makes this dish appealing. From start to finish sitting at the table ready to eat there are four steps. Below is the recipe and the instructions for BBQ Brian’s version of Grilled Enchilada’s.

BBQ Brian’s Grilled Enchilada’s

Enchilada Sauce

2-3 TB Butter
2 TB Flour
1 TB Chilli Powder (or ancho chilli powder)
1 Cup House of Q Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce
1-2 Cups Chicken or Beef stock

Grilled Enchilada’s

12-16 oz Beef, chicken or pork (or make them vegetarian!)
Olive Oil
2-3 TB House of Q Peppered Bovine or House Rub (or an even mix of both)
1-2 Poblano peppers, split, seeds removed (add jalapeno’s or bell peppers as well)
1 Onion, peeled, quartered
8 Corn medium sized tortilla’s
1 Cup Shredded cheese – Jack and cheddar or more authentic is Cotija or Queso Fresco


Prepare your charcoal fire or gas grill for direct heat cooking at medium high heat. Season the meats you chose for your dish by sprinkling with Peppered Bovine or your choice of seasoning. Prepare your vegetables in a separate bowl. Sear the meat until a crust is established – do not overcook the meat. At this point you want to get colour and flavour and not cook to completion. Remove from the fire and set aside. Cook the vegetables until they have softened and got some colour or charring as well. It’s all about the flavour! Once done, set them aside.

RNR wood

In a skillet on the fire melt the butter and add the flour. Stir constantly as the flour cooks and soaks up the butter. Add the chilli powder and stir around. Add half of the stock and incorporate the flour roux into the stock making sure there are no lumps. Add the Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce and continue stirring. If the mixture becomes thick, add more of the stock. The consistency should be fairly thin. Transfer the sauce to a bowl.

Slice up the meat and vegetables into strips or easy to bite pieces. Mix all the filling together and set aside. Toast the tortilla’s on a grill grate above the fire. Don’t make them crispy but warm and soft so they can roll up more easily. Place a good portion of the filling onto a tortilla and roll up then place into the skillet where you made the sauce. Finish up rolling the tortilla’s until all the filling is gone and the skillet is full. Pour the sauce over top of the enchilada’s then top with the cheese. Put the skillet back onto the fire either covered or with the lid closed to warm through and melt the cheese.

Serve with a salsa, sour cream or some pickled jalapeno’s or radishes just like you would experience in Mexico!

Cooking with Washboard Union no2

BBQ Brian and Corinne’s Top Washboard Union Songs

Since starting the band, Washboard Union has released two albums and an EP. After seeing the band in concert, on TV and even playing songs IN the House of Q kitchen at a BBQ competition (here’s the video!), here are the top songs House of Q like to play:

  • Shot of Glory
  • Maybe It’s The Moonshine
  • Never Run Out of Road
  • Dock Rock
  • If She Only Knew
  • Head Over Heals
  • What We’re Made Of
  • Shine
  • Country Thunder
  • (Cover) Hasn’t Hit Me Yet (Blue Rodeo)
  • (Cover) Seven Bridges Road (Eagles)
chicken enchilada global tv cover
Watch the Video BBQ Tip from Global TV BC Morning News with Sophie Lui and Washboard Union.

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