Spice Promotion With Angry Otter Liquor (Co-op) and Liquor Depot (BC)

House of Q is pleased to announce today that a special retail promotion has been arranged with Angry Otter Liquor, a division of Otter Co-op based in Langley, BC.

The week long, in-store promotion will provide customers the opportunity to purchase a 15 pack of select Moosehead Brewing products and receive a jar of the newly released Competition Rib Rub from BBQ Brian Misko of House of Q. The promotion runs from June 30 until July 4th.

Angry Otter logo circle

Angry Otter Liquor has 24 different locations across the province including 19 locations of Liquor Barn / Depot in British Columbia. The store listing can be found from the Angry Otter website (locations participating in the promotion is subject to change).

BBQ Brian of House of Q describes “this new Competition Rib Rub has been one of my top secret mixtures for many years in our Pitmaster kitchen. I have won dozens of awards using this rub including our world championship a few years back”. The spice rub is sweet and savory with a great balance. This is how he would describe Moosehead lager. “The pairing is perfect in my opinion!”

Moosehead Lager

Moosehead Brewing is Canada’s last independent national brewery based in Saint John, New Brunswick. It was established in 1867 and remains to this day as a family run operation.

We invite you to visit a Angry Otter Liquor store, a Liquor Depot or a Liquor Barn in British Columbia, purchase a Moosehead product and receive a jar of Competition Rib Rub. Please grill and BBQ at your free will however, please consume alcohol responsibly.

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