Safeway Stores in BC Select House of Q

During the spring of 2021 over 30 Safeway and Thrifty Foods stores in British Columbia (BC) have added select products from House of Q to their shelves just in time for the busy summer months.

Through the parent company Sobey’s, House of Q has been listed as a local BC supplier and after a selection process a number of the BBQ sauces and spices were chosen to be added to store shelves.

The items selected will be Apple Butter, Slow Smoke Gold, Five Star and Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauces. For spices Sobey’s chose House Rub 150 gram and Peppered Bovine – the steak spice. This represents House of Q quite well for a diverse range of products.

BBQ Brian says that “having more merchants across the province will allow House of Q to reach more customers and have a more solid base in many communities. Our main outlet for many years has been butcher shops, gourmet stores and specialty merchants. In many areas we are still missing a connection to our customers and by Sobey’s adding our products we can now extend that reach.”

Many of the known stores that have already ordered product have been listed on the Store Locator on the House of Q website.

Look for House of Q in the grocery aisles of Safeway and Thrifty’s! And happy cooking!

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