Vegetarian Black Bean Burger

Vegetarian Grilling?  Yup!!

Many people are on a gluten free or vegetarian diet and for the host who knows that a guest is coming over, this recipe might make you into a super-hero.  It’s easy to make and simply put, really tasty.

Bonus! Here’s the video!

540 ml         Black Beans – can, drained, rinsed
1/3 cup        Onion – diced
2-3 cloves      Garlic – minced
2 TS             Oregano
1 TS             Cumin
2 TS             Chili powder
1 TS             House of Q House Rub
1 TB             Olive oil
1                  Egg (optional)

Rinse and drain the black beans and place in a metal or glass bowl.  Using a potato masher or the back of a large spoon, crush all of the beans.  It’s ok to leave a few full beans so there is some contrast in the burger however, the more you mash the beans, the better this burger will stay together.

Add all the seasonings to the beans and mix well.  Break the mixture into 3 equal parts and form into patties.  Brush the burger with oil and if you want, season with salt and pepper.

On a medium heat, prepared grill, sear the burgers on both sides until the burger is warmed through.  There really isn’t too much to cook inside this burger so the longer you grill them, the more likely they will fall apart.  Top with your favorite toppings but we like these burgers with mayo, cheese, lettuce and of course a tomato slice.  Yum!