Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu

A Classic Recipe Updated for the Grill!

This recipe was shown on Breakfast Television Edmonton with Ryan Jesperson.  It takes the classic kitchen dish and  turns it into one that anyone can cook on their outdoor grill. Great flavour and awesome for a gathering.

3-4                Chicken breasts – boneless, skinless
4                   Slices of ham
8                   Slices of Gruyere or Swiss cheese
House of Q Slow Smoke Gold Mustard
House of Q House Rub
4                   Slices of Prosciutto

Prepare your grill for indirect, medium heat grilling and return to kitchen to get your dish ready.

Place a piece of chicken on a cutting board.  Using a knife, slice it horizontally using slow but accurate knife slices.  In short, you are going to make the chicken breast open like a “book”. Cover the chicken with plastic wrap and gently pound with a meat mallet to flatten the chicken breast evenly.  Remove the plastic wrap and brush the chicken with Slow Smoke Gold and sprinkle with House Rub. Place a slice of cheese on the chicken, then a slice of ham.  If you want an extra cheesy Cordon Bleu, add another slice of cheese.

Roll up the chicken reforming it into the whole breast shape. Sprinkle the outside of the chicken with House Rub and then wrap it with Prosciutto. Finish preparing all the other pieces of chicken.

Grill the Cordon Bleu indirectly for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.  The chicken is fully cooked once the internal temperature reaches 165 F.  Remove from the heat and rest for a few minutes.  Serve whole or cut into slices across the breast.  Enjoy!