Griddled Sandwich: Monte Cristo

A hearty, rich, soul-soothing sandwich that is on many diner menu’s across the world is the Monte Cristo. It is a mixture of the familiar grilled cheese with extra fillings such as meat and cheese crossed with French Toast. It takes lessons from the masterpiece Croque Monsieur and adds to it. Whichever historical path you learn from, this sandwich has a place in my kitchen! And in my belly!


Makes 2 Sandwiches

2 Eggs
2-3 TB Milk
1-2 ts House of Q Peppered Bovine Premium Seasoning
4 slices White bread
1-2 TB Butter
4 slices Swiss cheese
2 slices Gouda cheese
(alternately Gruyere or Emmental cheese are fantastic to use)
4-6 slices Ham (add or alternate with 4-6 slices turkey deli meat)
House of Q Magic Mayo (recipe below)
House of Q Five Star BBQ Sauce


When cooking outside on a grill or a Blackstone Griddle, a masterful tip is to have ALL of your ingredients ready. Gather your bread, butter, eggs, milk, onions, sauces, cheese and sliced meats… don’t forget a whisk, a spatula and plates or something to put your finished sandwich on. The cook goes rather quickly and a moment away from the grill getting that item can change a cook to going really good to a not-so-good one.

Warm your griddle to low heat. Whisk the eggs, add the milk and 1-2 teaspoons of Peppered Bovine Premium Seasoning. Melt some butter on the pre-heated griddle and spread around. Soak a slice of bread in the egg mixture and turn it over to soak up on the other side. Place on the griddle and continue soaking each piece of bread until all four slices are on the griddle top. Slide you spatula under an edge of the bread and look to see if the bread is changing colour and the egg mixture has “toasted”. Turn the bread over to cook the other side.

Add the ham on the griddle for a few seconds to warm through and turn over. Add a slice of Gouda cheese on a slice of ham. Stack other pieces of ham on top of the cheese creating a stack of ham and cheese.

Top each piece of griddled bread with Magic Mayo (recipe below) and then a slice of Swiss cheese – both the top and bottom bread pieces. Move the ham stack onto the bread with the Swiss cheese to start assembling the sandwich. Roll the top bread piece onto the stack, press gently to let the sandwich come together. Turn the sandwich over to allow heat to penetrate through the sandwich and melt the cheese. Remove from the grill, cut in half and serve with House of Q Five Star BBQ Sauce or a jam that you might have (traditional condiment for a Monte Cristo).

Be creative with you sandwich ingredients. If there is leftover bacon to add, pulled pork, a fried egg – go for it! This is the time to let your creativity to make YOUR best sandwich ever! Just have fun while you are doing it!

Magic Mayo

We love this condiment at our house. We fill a squeeze tube with this mayo mixture and in a short amount of time there always seems to be someone shouting “where did all the Magic Mayo go?!”

1 Cup Mayonnaise
1/4 Cup House of Q Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce
1 TB House of Q Grandma’s Garden Premium Seasoning

Place all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk together. Transfer to a squeeze tube or a bowl and enjoy wherever you want flavour. We have put this on eggs, pizza, sandwiches, used as a vegetable dip, and even salad dressings. We are confident you will find a place for it!

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