Our Story - Everyone has a Tale to Tell... Here's Ours.

Scroll through the timeline or the story of House of Q.  It all stated back in 2005 and events are listed as they happened over the years.  We left out a few of the stories because we thought this is just a timeline, not a biography!

House of Q History

Global TV Called
global tv film table

In the spring of 2007, BBQ Brian and Glenn started filming (yes, they filmed then!) BBQ Tips for Global TV BC with Lynn Collier and Steve Darling.  The team filmed and broadcast 8 TV segments.

House of Q Incorporated and First Commercial BBQ Sauce
apple butter bbq sauce ABBS 2007

With the launch of the Apple Butter BBQ Sauce, the company was officially incorporated as a company and started February, 2007.  The name is House of Q Foods Ltd.

More BBQ Competitions…
Calgary bbq competition trophy2

The efforts to get to as many competition BBQ events as we could took House of Q to three events in 2006: the BC Festival of Chili and BBQ (Vancouver), the Canadian National BBQ Festival (Whistler) and BBQ on the Bow (Calgary).  House of Q was awarded Reserve Grand Champion…Read More

BBQ Brian Makes Apple Butter BBQ Sauce
Apple Butter BBQ Sauce Jar Lid 2006

It really was a bag of apples peeled, cored and cut up in Mom’s “borrowed” stock pot.  Then molasses, sugar, spices and even some rum in the beginning…  and that was the original Apple Butter BBQ Sauce.  BBQ Brian made a “big” batch in the pot and put it into…Read More

House of Q Goes to the First Competition
BM and GE BC Chili Fest 2005

BBQ Brian Misko and Glenn Erho decide to start competition BBQ and enter the BC Festival of Chili and BBQ.  Both had day jobs and the weekend “hobby” fired their new-found passion.  The team was awarded for 6th place ribs and 3rd place chicken.

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