Our Story - Everyone has a Tale to Tell... Here's Ours.

Scroll through the timeline or the story of House of Q.  It all stated back in 2005 and events are listed as they happened over the years.  We left out a few of the stories because we thought this is just a timeline, not a biography!

House of Q History

November 8

Invited to National BBQ Festival in Georgia

BOTB National BBQ Festival 2007
House of Q, only two years into the making, are invited to the National BBQ Festival, the Best of the Best in Douglas, Georgia.  The team participated amongst 60 or..Read More
January 31

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce Launched

Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce
BBQ Brian continued to craft new sauces.  Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce was always used as the very first layer of flavor for competition pork butts and ribs.  It was..Read More
May 9

House Rub Launched

HouseOfQ House Rub LRG114WebSmall
A recipe crafted over and over again finally makes it into a jar and onto merchants shelves.  House Rub is a very well balanced and very tasty.  The spice mix..Read More
October 17

Jack Daniel’s World Invitational BBQ

Jack Daniel Dessert 2009
House of Q qualified by winning Grand Championships and was invited to the Jack Daniel’s World Invitational BBQ Competition in October, 2009.  Among the seven different entries the team sent..Read More
February 12

BBQ Brian Changes Careers

While still working as a data analyst at a software company and rapidly growing his expertise as a grill cook, BBQ Brian was invited to cook at the 2010 Winter..Read More
June 11

Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce Launched

Sugar and Spice BBQ Sauce 113WebSmall
Adding to the strong selling line of BBQ sauces is a spicier, more complex in flavor sauce: Sugar & Spice BBQ Sauce.  This sauce defies categorization with it being super-sweet..Read More

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