National BBQ Association – Awards of Excellence

House of Q Wins Award!

The National BBQ Association, based in Tennessee, holds an annual Awards of Excellence in conjunction with a conference.  Held virtually this year, the awards portion is an open contest to celebrate the best BBQ sauces, spices, videos, blogs and accessories available in the market.  House of Q has won awards at this event before and for 2021, four products were entered into different categories:

  • Apple Butter BBQ Sauce – Fruit Based Sauce
  • Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce – Mustard Based Sauce
  • Five Star BBQ Sauce – Tomato Mild
  • House Rub Seasoning – Poultry Seasoning

At the award ceremony on Thursday, March 4th, House of Q was awarded…

5th Place, Tomato Mild Category – Five Star Competition BBQ Sauce

This represents the first award for Five Star BBQ Sauce!  “This is very exciting since the sauce took a few years to get right and now fans across Canada can celebrate with one of the best sauces available”, says BBQ Brian.  “Since this is a new sauce, I’ll take an award any day and 5th Place works just fine for me!”

House of Q has won awards at BBQ sauce competitions for Apple ButterSlow Smoke Gold and now Five Star BBQ Sauce.  Woo hoo!

For details about the National Barbecue Association visit:

For information at House of Q contact: [email protected]

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