House of Q Adds New Distributor

Within the past few years, House of Q Foods has added more and more food and specialty distributors to help the company expand and grow their Canadian-based business.

In the spring of 2020 a new distributor was added with Outbound Distribution Inc, based in Saskatoon, SK who added the complete line of House of Q products to their family of products.

Outbound Distribution is highly focused to grow and promote the outdoor entertainment and cooking arena. They distribute Traeger grills and smokers, PK Grills, Finex, RovR coolers, Fire and Smoke Society, Hardcore Carnivore and Route 83 Knives. House of Q fits very well into their product line and the customer base.

With sales staff and distribution capabilities across the country, Outbound Distribution will promote House of Q products to their established accounts and seek to add the line to new merchants.

BBQ Brian Misko says, “the addition of Outbound Distribution Inc to our roster of distributors allows us to expand our love of barbecue to many more people across the country – something we have been trying to do for years in house.”

For more information about Outbound Distribution Inc, please visit For more information about House of Q and their award-winning BBQ sauce and spices, please visit

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