House of Q Added to Peavey Mart Stores in Ontario

House of Q will add over 40 new store locations in Ontario that will have select BBQ Sauces and Spices from the award winning company.

Red Deer, Alberta based Peavey Mart is an icon across the Canadian prairies with agriculture based stores scattered across each province. With the acquisition of Tractor Supply Company (TSC Stores) a few years ago and now over the past year converting the branding to Peavey Mart, the company extends their offerings throughout Ontario.

With this change, House of Q products have been added to all Ontario locations in their BBQ section of the stores. BBQ Brian Misko says, “it is quite impressive what BBQ products Peavey Mart has added to their roster at each store. I see many of my colleagues from across the USA with their products on the shelf and we are one of the only Canadian companies to be in that mix.”

House of Q has been crafting top-notch sauces and spices leveraging their competition Pitmaster awards starting in 2005. Three of their sauces, out of five, have won major awards at different events in the USA. Most recently in January 2021 the Five Star BBQ Sauce won 5th place at the National Barbecue Association’s annual Awards of Excellence in Alabama. Slow Smoke Gold has been crowned with a second place award twice at the prestigious American Royal in Kansas City. Peavey Mart has selected the top items from the company and put them front and centre at each store.

House of Q has added all Peavey Mart locations across Ontario to the Store Locator on the website. Look for a store near you.

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