Crown Verity Grills Partner with House of Q

In the spring of 2015, Canadian purchasers of new Crown Verity Grills will receive a bonus with their grill….  a sample package from House of Q!

Crown Verity is a family-run Canadian business that exemplifies a hundred-year-plus tradition and crafting the highest in quality.

Crown Verity Grills are known to be the most durable, reliable and consistent for anyone who needs to sear a couple of steaks or cater to a crowd of hundreds.  All of the grills are 100% stainless steel with each and every grill customizable to your own needs.

This spring, new grill owners will receive a package from House of Q in their grill as an added value item.  Some might call it a surprise or a bonus.  Each kit will have select grilling recipes from Head Pitmaster BBQ Brian of the House of Q and a jar of their award winning Slow Smoke Gold Sauce and Slather.  The packages are available in limited quantities as grills are shipped from the Brantford, Ontario warehouse.

House of Q is pleased to participate in this program and to share their passion of grilling with other BBQ enthusiasts and especially with an industry leader like Crown Verity.

For more information: House of Q – BBQ Brian Misko – brian (at); Crown Verity –