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    Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

    This Is the Sauce We Are Known to Have Created!

    Ever since the start of House of Q, this is THE sauce that we are known to have crafted….  it has fans across North America and it has won our competition BBQ cook team many, many awards for pork dishes including 6th place at the prestigious 2014 Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ contest in Lynchburg, TN.

    Our long-time friend Steve Darling from Global TV BC was one of the first big fans and to this day he puts Apple Butter on everything!


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    House Rub BBQ Seasoning

    One of our biggest selling products! House Rub is a balanced rub that is equally sweet, salty and fragrant from the onion, garlic and secret spices.

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    Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce

    One of Our Most Popular Sauces!

    Multiple award winner at the American Royal in Kansas City AND the National BBQ Association!  Awesome tangy and bright mustard flavor – perfect for every kitchen and BBQ cookout!

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    Rock’n Red BBQ Sauce

    A tangy tomato sauce that one could easily call classic!  It is a classic “BBQ” flavor.  Mild in heat and simply tasty!

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    Peppered Bovine Premium Seasonings

    Peppered Bovine is the first in the Premium Seasonings line and is an ideal spice to season steaks and pork chops. It delicately combines the spiciness of black pepper and cayenne with the unique flavour of premium grade, dehydrated red pepper all together bringing out the best natural flavour of beef and pork.

    Awesome as a steak spice!

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    Sugar and Spice BBQ Sauce

    Super tasty and this is an interesting sauce…  it starts off as super-sweet then changes to spicy!  So yummy!

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    Grilling with House of Q

    Now “Out of Print”!

    Sad but true, that day has come.  The book is now considered out of print.  There are retailers in Canada that have copies still however there are few…  We hope you have a copy and have made the meatloaf!  It’s a game-changer!


    Grilling with House of Q is the title of BBQ Brian Misko’s first cookbook released in the spring of 2015.

    The book features and celebrates ten years of competition BBQ and the best of BBQ Brian’s cooking tips, grilling tips, stories from travelling to events and of course, great recipes!  The food is simple, easy to do and at the same time, inspire cooks to expand their horizons at the grill.

    BBQ Brian shares in the book his story to become a Pitmaster and one of the top BBQ cooks in North America.

    The cookbook will inspire the novice cook to “spread their wings” and become comfortable at the grill.  The book will also challenge those that want more ideas on different items to cook for their guests and friends.

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    Five Star Competition BBQ Sauce

    Five Star Competition BBQ Sauce is a sauce years in the making.  It IS the BBQ sauce that House of Q has been using for their competition BBQ team since 2015.  And now, it’s time for us to put it in a jar and share it.  Do you think you could Grill Like a Champion?


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    Super Sized Pack wo name

    Super-Sized Grills Pack

    SUPER-SIZED Grills Starter Pack

    The story of House of Q and the Jeff O’Neil Show on Vancouver CFOX spans a decade with the drive-through BBQ starting at 6 am that drew thousands upon thousands to “Grills”. Along the way BBQ Brian crafted special sauce to feed the masses and the last round of Grills in 2019 was the BBQ sauce that became Five Star BBQ Sauce.  This was originally in the jar sold at the Grills sites.

    This kit is a crowd-pleasing pack of sauces and spices that can make any griller and their guests smile with the flavors they can create.

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    Five Star Competition BBQ Sauce Double Pack

    New in early 2020! One jar of Five Star Competition BBQ Sauce might not be enough, so two jars it is!

    This sauce has been used in the House of Q competition BBQ team since 2015.  It is sweet, tangy, tasty and appeals to judges all over since it’s won awards!

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    BBQ Spice – House Rub – Bulk 2.5 Kg

    BULK SIZE – 2.5 KG (5.5 lbs)

    It’s for caterers, people who cook for lots of people and well, those who just want lots of flavor!  Can’t go wrong with House Rub!

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    Grandma’s Garden Mix Premium Seasonings

    So Tasty!!

    Grandma’s Garden Mix is the third in the Premium Seasoning line for House of Q.  Completely awesome as a spice mix for the perfect turkey or chicken burger – light and somewhat subtle, it just seems to do the trick to make it all taste great!