“You make everything look so darn tasty, got a recipe for me?”

BBQ Recipes – Inspiration to get you cooking!

BBQ Brian cooks for his family, friends, on TV, for radio programs and well, sometimes, just to cook! Here are a few of his favourite recipes to get you started with House of Q sauces and spices. Some are easy to do, some are inspiring and some are simply to show a technique – that is, on how to cook something with mastery!

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Are you Grilling Like a Champion?

If you create an awesome House of Q recipe, post it on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter to share it with other House of Q fans! Common tags to use are: #houseofq, #hoq, #AppleButterBBQSauce, #SlowSmokeGold, #RocknRed, #FiveStarBBQSauce, #HouseRub, #CanadianBBQ.

Missed a BBQ Tip from Global TV BC?

For many years, BBQ Brian and House of Q have been hosting BBQ Tips on the Morning News. There’s been some amazing recipes and it always is entertaining. Here is a link to many of the Global TV BC videos.

Even More Recipes!

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Grilled Carrot and Onion Salad

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