BBQ Brian’s Cookbook Declared National Bestseller

Every author wants their book to do well once it is available to readers.  Doing well is however different for each person.

Regardless of the personal goal, being placed in the top 10 books on the Globe and Mail Bestselling books places an author in a special class.  That was accomplished by BBQ Brian’s cookbook Grilling with House of Q.

A National Cookbook Bestseller!

The book, published by Figure 1 Publishing and distributed by Raincoast Books in Canada, celebrates the ten year journey of a very enthusiastic backyard cook.  BBQ Brian’s journey started with learning cooking gear, how to set it up and of course then knowing how to cook with it. The chapters are padded with his best on-stage, on TV, and on radio BBQ tips and knowledge including appetizers, burgers, beef, pork, seafood, side dishes, desserts and competition BBQ.

BBQ Brian, who is the head Pitmaster for his competition BBQ team House of Q, was recently awarded at the 2014 World Food Championships the top prize in the rib category.  In short, he IS the ‘best rib cook in the world’. The Canadian BBQ Society named him and his cooking-mates the Team of the Year for 2014 amongst the many teams across the country.

Grilling with House of Q is a choice selection at many retailers across the country including every Costco, Chapters, Indigo and Coles bookstores. Many online retailers such as Amazon and Chapters as well as regional independent book sellers have added the book to their offers and have been selling very well.

As a first-time author, these accomplishments show the strength of the interest in BBQ in Canada, the desire for people to educate themselves about it as well as ideas on recipes to cook.  This seems to be a perfect match with BBQ Brian’s ability to educate, explain and at the same time, cook with the best at any competition.

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