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Annoying Grilling Problems Solved – Blog Post for Home Improvement

In the spring a writer contacted BBQ Brian from and asked about annoying grilling problems and how to solve them.

There are a number of things that are pointed out in the article and are all great tips.  These include making sure you don’t burn yourself to making sure you have enough fuel.  Great tips indeed!

BBQ Brian, Pitmaster and founder of House of Q, added to the article by pointing out one of his most common and best tips…  one that time and time again has provided grillers with better skill and results.  Brian has even heard from class attendees, listeners to his radio tips, his TV segments or even casual conversations that by doing one simple thing a griller can go from a wavering cook to a confident master.

So what’s the tip you ask?  Well, it’s to use a thermometer to check how your cook is going.  A good digital instant read thermometer can check if your eggs are cooked, your fridge is cold enough to minimize the bacteria festival on your chicken before you even cook it and of course to make sure you know absolutely that your steak is a perfect medium-rare.  All of them too.

A thermometer is the best tip and the most common solution to many cooking problems.  If you have one, use it.  If you don’t have one, go get one.  It’s important.

Along with this big tip, the article written by Liz Alterman is a good read.  Here is a link to the article and the tips.

BBQ Brian’s cookbook Grilling With House of Q is an excellent resource of cooking, grilling, smoking and tips such as these in the article.  The book was declared a national bestseller by the Globe and Mail in the summer of 2014.

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