21 Dishes to Make With BBQ Pulled Pork

Every BBQ smoker and every crock-pot owner seems to make pulled pork. It is a perfect menu item to challenge a new smoker-owner and every crock-pot owner seems to want to feed a crowd. However there are times when that eight to ten pound pork roast is just a little too much for a family of two. What do I do with all of this left over pulled pork? Here are…

21 Dishes to Make With BBQ Pulled Pork

These really aren’t “recipes” but more ideas of what you can do with this awesome pork dish.

Cooks Tip #1

When cooking pulled pork with the intention of having leftovers, always keep some or even most of the “juice” from when the pork is cooking. This dish tends to dry out as it gets reheated or even sits and this juice helps with moisture, has tremendous flavour and add a whole layer of authenticity to your pulled pork mastery!

#1 Stuffed Potato Skins

Pubs and bars across the nation have had this on their menu since the ’80’s and making them is easy…. just roast potatoes until tender, cut in half, scoop out the potato and fill with your pulled pork creation. Top with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and sliced green onion. Boom! You have your first hit!

#2 Pizza

HOQ-Apple-Butter-900x900Stop calling the local pizzeria when you have left over pulled pork… For ease, use store bought pizza shells, BBQ sauce (Apple Butter is fantastic!) and of course cheese. We like goat cheese and caramelized onions on top of our pizza. Place it all in the oven and in minutes you have kid friendly, pulled-pork pizza.  And to boot, chances are it will be better than what you get at the fast-food joint.

#3 Nachos

There is an art to making perfect nachos and we think the best way is to make them in layers. Start with a layer of chips, pulled pork and cheese. Heat in the oven for a few minutes so it’s melted before adding the next layer. it can then go back in the oven to finish. Top it all off with your choice of nacho favorites and go back to cheer on the hockey or football game!

#4 Panini

If you have Panini press or even two skillets, you can make your sandwich with all your best vegetables, pulled pork, cheese and sauce then put it into the press or in between two preheated skillets to heat up your sandwich, just like at the deli.

#5 ABT (Atomic Buffalo Turds)

A what? Let’s just call them bacon-wrapped, stuffed jalapeno’s… that’s safer even though it’s not as fun. Core out jalapenos, mix pork and cream cheese together, stuff the peppers and wrap in bacon. Cook in the oven or grill-roast to make this perfect, spicy and yummy appetizer.

There’s the first 5 recipes…. ready for more ideas?

#6 Roasted Apple and Butternut Squash Casserole

Peel and cube a butternut squash along with tart apple cubes. Toss with olive oil and seasoning then roast until tender.  Add pulled pork and a coating of BBQ sauce to reheat through to make a quick, rustic French-style casserole.

#7 Egg Rolls

Store bought egg roll wrappers are available everywhere and fill them with pulled pork and coleslaw or even bean sprouts and roll them up. Deep fry or oven bake until crisp.

#8 Corn Muffins

Make your corn muffin batter and place a tablespoon or two into a muffin pan. Place a “formed ball” of cold pulled pork (meatball) in the centre and then finishing filling the muffin batter. Cook muffins and enjoy a stuffed muffin!

#9 Eggs Benedict

Use the traditional toasted English muffin, some pulled pork along with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce for an awesome BBQ breakfast variation!

#10 Enchiladas

Use tortillas and roll up a generous portion of pulled pork and place in a casserole dish. Top with enchilada sauce and cheese and bake until warmed through. Magnifico!

Now that’s 10 recipes…. got any good ideas yet?

#11 Grilled Cheese

Here’s the rules for the “adult” grilled cheese… use wicked tasty bread like a real good sourdough or find a local artisan bakery in your neighborhood.  Add a ridiculous amounts of cheese that mom would most likely not approve along with a good layer of pulled pork. Seriously, your troubles and woes will disappear with this dish for lunch.

Cooks Tip #2

Cook a whole pork butt roast for pulled pork and once shredded and cooled, portion it into freezer bags. Defrost it as needed for any of the dishes listed here for a quick weekday meal.

#12 Jambalaya

Making a variation of this Cajun dish by putting onions, celery, peppers, rice, tomatoes, chicken pieces, pulled pork and spices in a pot to simmer until the rice is cooked. Hit the gas and give me an ‘aiiieeeeeeee’!

#13 Pulled Pork Corn and Potato Chowder

Make the base for a creamy-style chowder using a flour roux along with chicken stock or milk and add corn, potatoes and pulled pork to make a tasty chowder. Perfect for colder days when everyone is hungry.

#14 Quesadilla

Give the kids hands-on kitchen experience with this recipe and get them to put shredded cheese, pulled pork and BBQ sauce on a tortilla. Fold it over and warm through on a grill or in a skillet to melt together.

#15 Stuffed Meatloaf

Make your favorite meatloaf recipe (we know you have one, if not just ask mom) and flatten the raw meat-mixture out on a sheet of plastic wrap. Add pulled pork across the centre and roll it all up back into a loaf. Cook as usual and enjoy a stuffed meatloaf.

I think I’m getting hungry…. there’s more!

Cooks Tip #3

Select a “pork butt roast” to make pulled pork – sometimes called a blade roast. It is from the shoulder blade of the pig and not really from the well, you know, the rump. It really is the other end of the pig!

#16 Lasagna

Adding pulled pork to the layers of noodles, sauce and cheese is a great way to BBQ-ize this go-to Italian dish. If you want, smoke-roast your lasagna on your grill or smoker for a completely different experience.

#17 Stuffed Peppers

Cut bell peppers in half and stuff with pulled pork mixed with cooked rice or even potatoes. Bake or roast to warm through and cook the pepper. Awesome!

#18 Breakfast Hash

PB product pic 616x968Skillet fry cubes or shredded potato and add peppers, jalapeno’s, onions and pulled pork. Add a fried egg on top dusted with Peppered Bovine and you might have a hangover cure.

#19 Chili

Make a base of onions, spices, tomato sauce and instead of ground meat, use pulled pork for a chili variation. You might want to cut or mince up the cooled pork to help with texture.

Cooks Tip #4

HouseOfQSlwSmkGldWebSmall0119Coat your pork butt with mustard (Slow Smoke Gold works incredible!) and generous amounts of seasoning before cooking. If you are cooking in a crock pot you might want to even broil or high-heat roast the pork before putting it in the crock-pot so it has color and even more flavor.

#20 Burrito

Place a scoop of black beans on a tortilla shell along with pulled pork, sour cream and cheese. Roll up the burrito to seal it all in and brown it in a skillet to hat through and crisp up the outside.

#21 Sheppard’s Pie

Make this into a big shareable casserole dish or into individual portions but start with a generous layer of pulled pork, BBQ sauce, some diced vegetables like corn, peas and carrots and top with mashed potatoes. Roast until brown and warmed through.

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